Agwa - de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur 70cl Bottle

£ 25.33

Agwa De Bolivia has 40 grams of Bolivian coca leaf per litre. At the heart of Agwa are dry-roasted seeds of Amazon Gaurana and Chinese Ginseng. The unique, bitter-sweet taste is a result of the distillation of many powerful flavours of S. America, most notably the coca leaf. Inca messengers are believed to have chewed the leaves as a fuel to propel them at high speed through dense forest and today they are brewed as a tea in Peru to combat altitude sickness. Agwa is the perfect drink to prepare you for the night ahead and the ideal flavour to stay with you until morning. Try chilled as a shot or sip it gently with a mix of cola, tonic, ginger beer or bitter lemon .... or in any of the scores of 'coca-leaf cocktail' recipes out there.