Nusa Cana - Tropical Island Rum 70cl Bottle

£ 23.59

Aroma: Generous notes of vibrant cane juice, banana, coconut and spice. Taste: Opens with fresh cane and young coconut. White and black pepper spice, moving to mature dry wood, vanilla and toasted banana leaf. Finish: An astoundingly smooth finish with sructiure, body and lingering cane Spiced Island Rum Distilled on Java, the original home of Indonesian rum, the heart of Nusa Cana is a rich Indonesian sugar cane spirit. Born of ancient days, blended for modern nights. Infused with the attitude and energy of todays Bali. Our vibrant King of the Forest barong mask sits atop every bottle protecting the spirit within. Evoking a colourful and carefree Balinese island lifestyle. Beats. Boards. Bikes. Beaches & Bars. Nusa Caa rum pays tribute to todays 'Island of The Gods'.