Ramsbury - Single Estate Vodka 70cl Bottle

£ 34.89

Palate: Initial dried fruits, then cocoa and layers of caramel. Elegant, medium-bodied creamy texture. Dark chocolate richness. A distinctive and enigmatic character, with a broad range of characteristics. The spirit starts on the estate as Horatio Wheat. It is then distilled through the 43 plate copper still, which creates a high quality base spirit. The Ramsbury estate prides itself on being an environmentally conscious farm. This is done by refusing to use any products in the production process that cannot be provided by the estate. They create their own bio-fuel and capture and store any excess energy, reuse their waste by feeding it to livestock or fertilising the crops and recycle cooling water. Ramsbury Vodkas smoothness and richness makes it perfect in dry martinis or simply savoured and enjoyed over a globe of ice in a rocks glass.