Dodd's - Original Gin 50cl Bottle

£ 31.27

Produced at The London Distillery Company in Battersea, the city's first whisky distillery in over 100 years, Dodds Gin is made using organic spirit and botanicals, which include juniper, angelica root, fresh lime peel, bay leaf, green cardamom, black cardamom, raspberry leaf and London honey. Half of the organic ingredients are distilled in Christina, a traditional 140-litre copper alembic, and the more delicate botanicals are reserved for our cold vacuum still Little Albion. The two spirits are then married for several weeks before being bottled and labelled by hand in small batches at the distillery. Over the course of the year honey is sourced from different parts of London, hence the beehive postcode on the back of the bottle. In the past honey has been sourced from the rooftops of Fortnum & Mason, SE1, E1 and H1.