City of London - Sloe Gin 70cl Bottle

£ 33.66

A classic British liqueur, sloe gin became popular when farmers would use blackthorn bushes to separate their fields and keep animals in. They found that soaking the normally bitter and tart sloe berries from this bush in gin would, over time, bring out the residual sweetness and plum-like flavour of the berry. Ours is a simple and classic rendition, using our Authentic Dry as the base and soaking sloe berries for between six and nine months to extract as much depth of flavour as possible. Stone fruits dominate the palate. Tasting notes also include rich stewed plums and black cherries. A little marzipan delivers depth and character. Sweet, but not cloyingly so. Some juniper character shines through the top notes. The finish is sweet and full of rich dark fruit; mouth-watering and moreish. Aromas are sweet and fruity; forest fruits with a little oak and nutty notes.