1952 Gooderham & Worts 1952 15 year Old Centennial Rare Canadian Old Whisky

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This whisky, released in 1967, was distilled in 1952. At fifteen years matured in barrels, it's a rare old find from an era where Canadian whiskies were rarely bottled with a double-digit age statement. Pouring this whisky fifty years after it was originally sold is an incredible treat, and a look into the past. This whisky has all the key elements to make for a great story: Gooderham's Centennial was distilled at a long-ago retired distillery, it celebrates a unique occasion, and it's extremely rare find. In the mid-1800s Gooderham and Worts Distillery was the largest distillery in the world. The owners were originally millers that eventually pivoted their business when making whisky became more profitable. The distillery was ideally located downtown Toronto near the train tracks and shipping docks. By the 1990s this location was far more valuable as a condo and commercial development space. The distillery was shut down and its location is now a terrific tourist destination with that old distillery charm. Whisky making was centralized at Hiram-Walker Distillery in Windsor, Ontario. Nose: Pancakes and maple syrup. Sweet, syrupy, yeasty, dusty. Richness to the extreme. Palate: While the nose is sweet, the oak spice punches through the sweetness on the palate in beautiful ways. This is old oak. Lovely, complex, with hints of pepper and cinnamon and a beautiful buttery oiliness that's not found in today's 15 year old whiskies. Taking time with this whisky rewards your palate with added notes of cherry, dark chocolate, and some more of that beautiful cinnamon spice. It is shipped in its original presentation box at no extra cost and now includes a free gift card with your personal message and tasting and storage notes.